Aastha Society has started a school at Nahan (H.P) INDIA, in a small premise, now functioning at M.C. Hall near Post Office since August 2001, which has been functioning with the help of trained and devoted staff under the leadership of a qualified principal. Education is confirmed to primary standard for the time being. Economic independence is equally important goal set for the children.

Periodically I.Q. test are done to assess the progress. The school determines aptitude to put the children in appropriate line of activity for the development of required skill. There is regular search for identifying hobby for each child. Teaching skills are highly technical and a tiring job is done by the skilled staff with tenderness, perseverance and care. Progress in skill acquiring and mastering is periodically tested. Thus all the factors viz. Education/ knowledge, skill and attitude to this way, sincere efforts are being made to make these children physically, economically independent, and confident. In this special school 70 student are studying out of which 20 student are staying in the hostel provided by the Aasthe Welfare Society.


We are 30 special children under Home Based program which is sponsor by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. This program is headed Jitender Kumar a special educated and coordination with his team member is Manish Kumar special educator and Dr. Abhey , who has his own occupation therapist and Dr. S.K. Batra medical consultant.

And this Home Based program our team used to visit 20 days in a month to special children who are residence and remote area and not able to come to the day care centre. And this program, our special educator used to deal with such types of children.

In the month of June 2005 Aastha Welfare Society has adopted a project for children with special needs (CWSN) under SSA Nahan Distt. Sirmour (H.P.). The welfare Society has been covering 20 Nos of severely handicapped children of rural and urban areas students by providing rehabilitative facilities such as Physiotherapy, Special Education programme, Counseling to the parents, Awareness camps, medical treatment & vocational training etc. A dedicated to team cum prizing to special educators occupation Physiotherapy, medical consultant is working for this project.


Aastha Welfare Society is planning to start a fast food restaurant named Kitchen in town to give employment to our 7 students so that our students can earn their livelihood. We have already taken a shop on rent for this purpose from local govt.


This year our mission is to provide better and modern school atmosphere for our special students. We are making four modern class room fitted with audiovisual teaching equipments, one meditation and activity hall and a residential hostel in the same premises for 20 students with the mission to give them better and quality life.